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Headshots and confidence

Headshots and confidence

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What If I’m Not Photogenic?

When you make the decision to get professional headshots done, the first worry you may have is, “I am definitely not the most photogenic person around”. It is something that just about anybody who isn’t a model fears once they know they will be in front of the camera.Working with a professional headshot photographer can help you ease the uncertainties you may face in front of the camera. Much of feeling unphotogenic is due to a lack of confidence and being unfamiliar around a camera. A top class photographer can help you create great images through a variety of ways.



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Confidence and approachability go a very long way

As with anything in life, being confident and approachable can completely transform the way you appear while taking your headshots. When you choose to work with an expert for your headshots, the first thing they will do is make you feel relaxed and assure you that the photos will turn out well.

Despite what we all think, everybody is in fact photogenic. The moment that you begin believing that your photos will turn out great, you will automatically become more natural, allowing your true self to show. An authentic smile and genuinely having fun in front of the camera is the difference maker when taking your headshots.

Break the mental barriers about your perceived flaws

We all have flaws in our appearance, that is a fact. However, it is important to understand that a majority of what you would like to change about your appearance is simply in your own mind. Whether it is freckles or thinning hair, the reality is that most people are so worried about their own appearance that nobody notices the minute details about you.

Once you move past the mental barrier you’ve created in your head, you can relax and have fun with the headshot session. You can also tell your photographer what you dislike about yourself and they will be able to produce images that minimize that aspect for your own sake.

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Produce the self-image you would like others to see

When most people decide to get headshots done, it is for a specific purpose. Whether for a business profile, an acting portfolio or social media, you have a good idea of how you want to come across to those viewing the picture. For instance, if you are taking photos for an “About Us” page on a financial website, you would like to appear professional and trustworthy. If you are getting images taken for your comedy Instagram account, you want to be lighthearted and jolly.

To help assert the personal image that you want others to get of you when they see the photos, it is necessary to get into that role for the shoot. A professional headshot photographer will also work with you to capture exactly what you need. A joke before a fun shoot or a question about finance for a more serious one will help the camera grab what is needed.


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Expressions, eye contact and body language help you connect with the viewer

Just like in a live interview, the three main proponents of a great headshot are your expressions, eye contact and the body language you produce. When you have the correct posture, a genuine smile and make easing eye contact with the camera, you will exude a confidence through the photo that creates a connection with anybody looking.

The photographer will be able to angle you correctly towards the camera, which will highlight your best attributes. However, it is up to you to come into the photoshoot with a positive mindset and a relaxed attitude, which will help your personality shine through the camera.



Pre-visualization helps you get into the right mindset

Right before the headshot session, it is a great idea to pre-visual successful photos that you would be happy with. By taking a few minutes to think of exactly how you want to appear in your headshots, you will subconsciously bring out your authentic feelings, making it more likely to come true.

Put yourself in the eyes of somebody viewing your headshot as they look through your portfolio, LinkedIn profile or business card. Imagine what you would like them to see and the impression you would like them to get upon first view. Since first impressions are so important in many business situations, you want to finish with pictures that will represent you exactly as you intend.

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Trust your professional headshot photographer

The above are examples of what you can do to create your perfect headshot, but at the end of the day it still comes down to the person behind the camera. It is vital to select a headshot photographer that you trust and are completely comfortable with, as this will help you relax during the shoot.

A good headshot photographer knows how to bring out the best in everybody by using flattering lighting, angles and expressions. Never be afraid to tell the photographer what you desire in the images or how you are feeling during the session. They have likely worked with hundreds of people before and know how to make their subjects feel as comfortable as possible.

Maybe you want to look into people who specialize in certain types of headshots based on your needs. A Chicago headshot photographer Mike Schacht, who has has helped numerous actors to get more callbacks, auditions and castings, says: "Over the last 10 years I've enjoyed following the careers of the actors I've photographed. I've seen them in movies and I've seen them on Broadway.  The recurring theme in all of their stories is that they  went against the odds and took a chance. They all got out of their own way in order to live their dreams.".

Finally, the photographer will help you select the best photos to use for your various needs. Business cards, online profiles and social media all require different styles, so the choosing the best picture for your needs can completely change the perception that viewers have.



If you are looking for professional headshots in Seattle, Seattle Headshot Pro will provide you with a relaxing and comfortable experience sure to produce top quality headshots for all your needs.

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Why Do I Need a Professional Headshot?

Why Do I Need a Professional Headshot?

While many people may think that a professional headshot is reserved for models and actors putting together a portfolio, that is far from the truth. For those looking for a career in the entertainment industry, a great professional headshot is a must have. However, professional headshots can be a valuable asset to just about everybody, for a wide variety of reasons.

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In today's tech-driven world, we are visible to millions of people across the world on a number of social, business and online platforms. Every time we create a profile for a new social media account, an "About Us" section on our website or are featured in an article, we have to provide an accompanying photo. Many people make the mistake of trying to simply pull an old, unprofessional picture off an account which does not present them in a favorable light.

By opting to use a professional headshot photographer for your next pictures, you will ensure that you are always representing yourself or your business exactly as you should be.

First Impressions Last a Lifetime

In a majority of situations, your photo will be the first judgement that anybody will pass on you. Whether a potential new employer looking at your LinkedIn profile, a prospective business partner checking out your company's website or even a new match looking at your dating profile, you will want to make sure they first thing they see is something that brings out the best in you.

Unfortunately, a quick judgement based off of a glance at a photo can be the difference between receiving a job offer or getting that first date. A sloppy, unprofessional appearance in a photo could skew the image of you for somebody, regardless of your qualities.


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One Professional Headshot Offers Unlimited Uses

The best part about a headshot is that it can be used in so many different places. A well-taken headshot that truly brings out your personality is something that you can add to social media profiles, business images, a portfolio and anything else where you want people to get a positive feel about you.

Unlike amateur photos and pictures taken by friends, a professional photographer knows how to use the lighting, angles and facial expressions to capture the 'real you'. The authentic nature of professional headshots can make a huge difference in the way somebody feels when they see your image for the first time.

Keep Your Photos Current

One of the most baffling situations with either personal or business photographs is when people use images from ages ago to represent themselves. Whether it is because they simply don't have the time to select new pictures or they feel that they looked better in their earlier days, it can be quite confusing when meeting somebody for the first time that looks completely different than what you have previously seen.

The beauty of working with a professional headshot photographer is that they can bring out your most attractive features naturally, so that you will feel great with your personal image. No need to be self-conscious and you will certainly avoid the embarrassment of looking like an absolute stranger to somebody that was expecting a whole other person.

Think of Professional Headshot as an Investment in Yourself

Regardless of whether you require personal headshots, corporate headshots or everything in between, when you put yourself out there you have to think of yourself as a brand. Like any brand, you want to accurately represent yourself and be appealing as possible to others. From employers to friends to business connections, you cannot undervalue the impact that appearing respectable and trustworthy can afford you in the long term.

Professional headshots are well worth the investment, as you know that for several years you will have a variety of images that you can use across all sorts of platforms. Choosing to spend some money to be comfortable when needing to provide photos of yourself is well worth the cost.


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Working with a Professional Headshot Photographer

Choosing the right photographer for your headshots is all about chemistry. It is ideal to work with somebody that you feel genuinely comfortable with, as they will be able to unearth the best traits that lie within you, making for powerful and captivating photographs.

Price of the headshot is clearly a deciding factor, but you usually get what you pay for. As fellow Headshot Crew photographer Joe Loper says: "The Price should be fair market value for your local area." Headshot is an investment that can lead to more opportunities. How much is that worth to you?

Seattle Headshot Pro is the favorite choice for those looking to get professional headshots in Seattle from an expert in the craft. Owner Olli Tumelius is a Finnish photographer that has worked with hundreds of satisfied clients to capture incredible headshots that can be used for portfolios, business profiles and more. Olli is an Associate Photographer of Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew.

Contact Seattle Headshot Pro now to book a session or discuss how working with the top headshot photographer in Seattle can boost your public image immediately!