How To Prepare For a Headshot Session

Few people admit it. However, preparing for a headshot can be overwhelming. Everyone is self-conscious about their appearance. Business headshots, therefore, always take people out of their comfort zone. The good news is that anyone can get fantastic results. All that is necessary, is a little preparation.

5 Tips for a Great Business Headshot Session

Are you are thinking about booking a business headshot session? If so, the earlier you start preparing, the better your results will be.

1 – Rest, Relax and Re-Hydrate

Business headshots put your face in front of the world for all to see. It is, therefore, important to look and feel your best. With this in mind, rest, relaxation, and hydration are of paramount importance. Always schedule a headshot for a time when you are under the least amount of stress. Mondays are a good choice, as this can allow you to fully rest over the weekend. Matthew Hamilton of MHamiltonVisuals says: “Make sure to get a full 8 hours of sleep the night before your session in order to ensure you look your best!” A tired complexion is often the result of fatigue and dehydration. Sleep well, up your water intake, and you won’t have to worry about tired eyes before your headshot session.

2 – Practice Your Posture and Expression

For the most part, actor headshots are easy. Actors spend years learning how to express themselves and have their confidence shine in front of a camera. Sadly, most business people don’t have this skill. You can express yourself. However, most of the time, you probably don’t know how you look expressing yourself. Practice your best confident, yet approachable poses in front of a mirror. Decide on what you feel is your best side and your best smile. Consider trialing different outfits with different expressions, to see how what you wear can complement your body language.

3 – Choose Your Outfit, Makeup and Hair Style in Advance

During a business headshot session, feeling comfortable in the skin you are in, is hugely important. With this in mind, one of the worst things people can do is pick and choose their headshot outfit at the last minute. Instead, choose outfits ahead of time, and like we’ve already mentioned, practice your posture.
When in doubt concerning what to wear, draw inspiration from headshots you can find online from respected peers. Decide how you will wear your hair and makeup, and make sure your look matches your outfit.
When choosing your outfit, remember that you will be photographed against a solid color background. This being the case, avoid patterns in favor of solid colors which complement your eye color, skin tone, and hairstyle.

4 – Pack a Bag and Remember to Moisturize

During a headshot photography session, hundreds of pictures can be taken. This helps you and your photographer capture at least one image you will feel confident using. However, this also means that sessions can take some time. It is, therefore, always a good idea to pack a small bag ready for your headshot session.

Pack water, something to snack on, and consider packing an extra jacket in case you have an outfit crisis at the last minute. Always pack makeup and hairspray (if you wear makeup and hairspray) to touch up your appearance after you arrive. Moisturize intensively before your headshot session. Consider also packing moisturizer in case you have to attend your headshot on a cold day, which can leave skin feeling dry and chaffed.

5 – Relax. Possibly With Music

During a headshot photography session, you are going to be in an unfamiliar place, with an unfamiliar person directing your body language. This can leave nerves frayed. Thankfully, there are easy ways to make yourself feel more at ease. Consider making a playlist or choosing a music album you like, to play during your headshot session. Never be afraid to ask your photographer questions, nor tell them if you feel uncomfortable at any point. Remember not to worry about slight skin imperfections or even bad hair days. All reputable headshot photographers will professionally retouch images to make you look your best.

Siting for Business Headshots Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

All of the above tips should make preparing for a headshot photography session easy. When in doubt, simply relax, breathe, and remember that a headshot session isn’t like a dentist visit. If you need to take a break or don’t feel comfortable, let your photographer know and he or she will be more than happy to give you the time you need to relax and continue.